The Femme Spirial

In a conversation I was part of this this past weekend, the topic of femme invisibility came up. It was explained the idea was to develop a way for femmes to be more visible in queer communities. From my understand, the idea was in part inspired by the blue star wrist tattoo worn by butches in times and locals where it would be criminal for them to present butch.

As the idea of was talked, a few of the other femmes present showed some of their own body art which incorporated a spiral in them. And as far as I know, they came up with these pieces independently. I found myself also thinking on how many other femmes I know who have adorned their bodies with some form if spiral. And in reflection today it reminds me of the greater current of femme liberation is see going on in the world around me, what I have come to call a sort of Queer Femme Rising movement.

It is important to note just how unique each of these spirals are – reflecting the unique nature of each of them – yet how connecting they can be. I’ve often found myself drawn to spirals, often doodling spirals within and part of spirals. Combining them to Create greater images.

I have often wondered where and how I fit within the whole butch/femme framework. I’ve often found myself attracted to that dynamic, but as a trans women never felt entirely able to fit in. And the question of invisibility is a whole other dynamic. But those are neither here nor there and may be topics for another time.

I definitely feel an affinity for femme and greater comfort there, even during those times when I am trying to “butch it up” a little. I’ve been feeling a need for my next tattoo, trying to figure out the location and what it will look like. I thought I had my number two, but I think that might end up waiting to be my third after all. This year so far has been a lot about re-embracing and reconnecting with my femme – something which went on hiatus while I finished this last round of school. A tattoo celebrating that, celebrating my identity as femme, and as symbol of solidarity with other femmes might be in order. Now I have to find a design, which I hope will manifest as the year unfold. I’ve encountered one I really appreciate, however it was a shoulder tattoo and is far too large for a wrist.

It’s the Femmes turn for a secret sign

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