I can say I got lucky… Not necessarily because of the school I attended, but because I am white, mostly able-bodied, highly functional, often granted conditional cissexual privilege, knowledgeable in certain aspects of social engineering, and skilled in navigating bureaucratic and social systems. Oh, and I was already done with some major aspects of transition (namely name change and presenting as a woman full time) prior to entering college. Lacking any of these really does make navigating academia almost nightmarish, and it pains and frustrates me when I see the struggles of friends and loved ones who are trans women.

I wonder sometimes if I have done some of them a disservice in how easily I was able to (mostly) navigate the system. I wonder if I made it look too easy.

Many of the points in this post also reiterate some of the reasons why I do want to pursue a career in academia. I know I have a long, difficult road ahead of me.

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  1. inchoaterica says:

    yeah, while i’ve been post-transition for my entire journey through higher ed, i’ve often been in situations where disclosure was non-optional for reasons beyond my control, and that’s where it presents the problem…the “you’ve got a secret, baby, and we’re going to use it to control you” game. i don’t even want to think what it would be like to transition in such an environment if they’re going to be that ashamed of a trans person who is granted conditional cis priv being in their school.

    i just seriously think maybe it would have contributed to even a little bit less isolation as a trans person, and given how much isolation is what kicks my ass…

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